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    OS 21TM for Jato

    I noticed a 5 year old post for dropping in an OS 21TM for the Jato. I spoke to OS and they said the engine is a drop in replacement but they recommend the HPI header. Unfortunately the HPI head is not made any longer. Does anyone have a step by step or a parts list needed to install the OS 21TM in the Jato?

    It looks like the OS is a solid engine. I know it turns out a lot more torque than the TRX3.3 but I would rather have a more reliable engine. Thanks for your help!

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    simple job, how you take it(3.3) out then how you put it(21tm) back.
    I think I still have the HPI header in my part bin......
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    You can use the ths header for the Jato
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