I've seen pictured below method few days ago on the internet and decided to give it a try. Since I have access to different plastic materials at work it was quite easy for me to do. Material used is plexiglas (#3mm 10cm x 10cm) - don't mind the colour and surface structure - it can be anything rigid, but I found out, that transparency is very helpfull!

I just drilled a 4mm hole in the middle for the axle and two bigger ones just to fit the hex driver for pillow balls adjustments. Remember to put the batteries/accesories in to have proper weight of the car. This is also a very good time to meassure/adjust springs preload.

Too bad I still don't have adjustable links - this would make things much easier! Nevertheless I managed to adjust the angles and take notes of this setup for future reference and comparison. Still need to test it out outdoors, but work was a pleassure.

Ok - here are the pictures - everyone loves the pictures

Check out how much the back changes! I know you know , but with these installed instead of regular wheels this seams to be exagereted, but it's not!

And finally the top view: