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    New Phaltlines Tremore fitting lose on my brand new E-maxx 3908 TRUCK

    I just purchased a set of hpi Tremore tire and rim pk once I snug the Rim/hex nut down & the wheel wobbles on the splined I also notice that the splined if smaller than the rim how do I fix this I know I'm not the only one with this problem, How do I fix it I really need all the feed back I can get at this point, if any of you guys have E-maxx with phaltline wheels if so how did you fix it JUST FOR THE RECORD All 4 FIT LOOSE once they were tighten if any of you guys have a set of phaltlines on your e-maxx please post them.
    please post you opinions don't just read and keep going guys thank you very much I am a newbie at this .

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    Those wheels need a 17mm hex, sounds like your running the smaller 14mm hexs.
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    The traxxas 17mm tool for tightening wheels don't tighten all the way either for those hpi rims. I had to use needle nose pliers to slip in the nut grooves, and tighten rest of the way.
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    I use a socket wrench to tighten my 17 mm wheel nuts. it might help you.

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