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    Is there no Torque specs on any Engine Bolt??

    I have yet to find any Specific Info on Torque specs, or Tightening sequence on any of the Engine bolts.
    I would think something with such tight tolerances and such high RPM's would have some Torque specs or at least tightening sequences to keep form Warping the head.
    So my question to those whom have been doing the Nitro R/C Stuff for some time and have rebuilt their
    engines do you have a specific Tightening sequence on the head bolts? IE do you do cross tightening like
    make a star pattern? How tight do you torque the bolts? go to snug then say 1/8th turn more?
    Do you use Thread locking (Blue) compound?
    Last thing I want to do is warp the head or strip a bolt or have one vibrate loose.
    I would think at the factory they have to have some specs on this stuff.
    I doubt it woudl be in Ft/Lbs but possibly in In/Lbs.
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    I've never seen any guide lines to tightening bolts. I just tighten the head bolts until there're snug, using a star pattern.
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    As Wolf said, a star pattern. I snug them down without wrenching on them as I do not have the proper tools to measure torque that low. Or you could go to the Support button above and get the write-up that Traxxas did on rebuilding an engine and your answer is right there.
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    A calibrated arm seems to do the trick! (engineers will get this)

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    Criss cross patern SMALL TOOLS, if ya try to use an allen socket on A 1/4" socket wrench, your gonna strip or break every last one of the bolts. Use an allen key, and when its starts to flex / bend.... its tight. Blue locktight!!

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