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    TQI 2 or 3 channel??

    I want to get telemetry on my mini revo , also plan to use the TQI with other vehicles.

    So my question is..... The 5 channel receiver, when used on my mini revo, will I have any extra slots left over after installing telemetry? Temp , voltage, rpm, mph. Will getting a 3 channel TQI transmitter allow me to operate lights or something else? or will I be out of room on the receiver?

    I am basically wondering if I should get 2 OR 3 channel controller.

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    If you want to control those lights from the Tx, you will need another channel. However, if you just want the LED's/Fans/Accessory to turn on with the ESC, you do not need any open channels so a 2 channel will work.

    The sensors go into their own ports and do not need to be attached to the channel slots.
    Whatever it is I just typed... could be wrong.

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