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    1 of my batteries won't turn off when charged

    I have the 2 batteries that came with my Summit. 1 turns off when it's charged and the other one won't. I have an ezepeak plus, they both have only ever charged at 5 amps, and never over discharged. Help please

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    I didn't know you could turn a battery on??

    What are cell voltages?
    Settings on the charger?
    Whatever it is I just typed... could be wrong.

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    the charger stops charging when the battery is fully charged. I haven't charged NiMH in a long time.
    like asked what is the cell voltage??
    what is the mAh of the bats??
    how many mAh are you putting back in the batt.
    Would you go flip my truck back over??

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    The one that won't turn off maybe so far out of balance it's taking forever to fully charge. If your stopping it, then running, then back on the charger after a while they'll be quite far out. If the any cell doesn't go over 4.2 keep it on charge until it completely finishes.
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    I'm just going to chime in and say a really good idea if you're running those batteries, (If you're talking about the stock Summit batteries I'm assuming you have 2 5000 MAH 7.4 volt) pick up an external balancer. I use the ElectriFly Cell Match. It has an integrated balancer on it and you can check right on the spot by plugging it into your balance lead exactly where your cells are at. If you leave it plugged in for long enough (maybe on the desk by you while you're working, definitely not while you aren't around it) it will actually very slowly help to bring the cells back to balance.

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