Hey guys,

Matt here from Castle Hill RC, in Presque Isle, ME. And I decided I'd share my build with you... this is going to be a work in progress, and I will say that there have been a few mods already done to the car. I'll keep it simple, you've all seen a stock chassis of the Rally/Slash, and I'm lacking in the pictures there... but I promise from here on out, every mod I do, will be documented here. And theres lots to come.

So to start off, here's a few pics of the unboxing...

And here's one with my brother, Keith's Stampede in the background...

Here's another of it, after a few runs.. sitting next to my old Jato 3.3

And one more...

To this point, I've broken one rear Axle Carrier, running it into a wall backwards at a local RC indoor track. And I replaced both rears with aluminum upgrades.

I've also added a set of ProLine Road Rage tires to it, on Desperado wheels. Now yes, I know they're a bit wide... but I wasn't going for scale. I have pretty much roached the stock BFG Rally tires.

And I've also added a Stampede Light Bar to the front, "Rally Style" and effective at dusk.

Note, that I had to trim the body a bit to get it to clear the tires at full turn. I also raised the posts, and have the suspension at an awkwardly high angle. I've since changed that, and I'm going to get some pics up. And before anyone asks, the hole in the windshield was because my local RC Track uses a timing system that plugs into the Rx, and it wouldn't read through the black body/stickers on the Rally so I velcro'd it on the shock towers and cut a hole in the body... voila it picked up...

My next things on the "To Do" list are:
TQi Docking Base (Might as well utilize my Ipod...)
Voltage/Temp Sensors
RPM Sensor/RPM Trigger Magnet and Holder
Revo Aluminum Slipper Pad Upgrade
Sway Bars
12 LED Headlight/Tailight Kit
Aluminum Shocks

And eventually I want to do a few other things, such as:
1. A Late 90's Subaru 22b Style Body, I drive a 99 RS 2.5 and it's pretty much a lookalike... and the Rally handles so much like my real car, in RC Form..heh...
2. TRX Aluminum Caster Blocks and Front Hubs to match my aluminum rear.
3. Semi Tempted to get the TBone bumper, but not entirely sure it'll fit the Subie Body...only time will tell.
4. Set of ProLine Badlands mounted on some type of 2.2/3.0 wheel, for "Bashing..."
5. Aluminum Steering Links
6. Stainless Screws (Sick of rusty screws...grr...maybe I should stop getting it wet...)
7. Steel Shafts of Some kind, keep twisting the yokes on plastic with a velineon.... that wont do...
8. Castle Mamba Monster (Just because 22v...don't ask questions...lol...)

I'll post more soon... keep in mind with this build that this is my first RC Car in years... I had one that I raced with the local club back when I was like 14... but Im 26 now, and I got that Jato last summer, and had a blast with it. I was made a very good offer on it, and sold it.. however, I will be keeping the Rally. And building. Heheh.

I've got about 12 RC Airplanes, from 2 4-5 ft Foamies, a Micro Foamie, a Micro Heli, a .40 Balsa Nitro J3 Cub, and about 8 other Nitros, so I'm already addicted... and it's alot easier to play with an RC Car in the winter than a RC Plane...