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    Smile Are you happy with the Telluride - Would you buy again?

    Got 2 Summit VXl's. They are for the grandsons 9 & 12. We run them with my bigger Summits. Mostly trails and some crawling. The large Summits are indestructible, but the small Summits not so much. Been through diffs, axles, steering servos, steering savers etc etc. The boys are not being stupid, just bashing like we all do. Tired of fixing the small Summits every time we go out. I am looking into some options and wanted to know how the Telluride's were holding up. May look at a Stampede or maybe even an Emaxx also. Reviews or suggestions are welcome.
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    Had mine for about 3 weeks very happy with it, is durable but I did smoke the titan, put a 3800 castle in it, heavy silicone grease in the diffs and slipper upgrade, all is well.

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    I Like mine i didnt ever break anything. I think the titan will eventually die, but aftermarket brushless stuff in the power range for this vehicle is super cheap. i know i would buy mine again (but the wife wont let me have two)

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