Hey guys need some input here. I just obtained a older Nitro Sport from a buddy in which I'm in the process of getting running again. I'm kind of newb when it comes to R/C cars. A few guys helped recommend some wheels/tires for a traxxas Nitro 4tec I was messing around with just recently.

I will need some tires for the Sport soon- the ones on it now look stock and pretty beat. I strictly plan on bashing with this car in the local parking lots, and some grass/dirt lots. I do not plan or racing in any events.

Can you provided me with some info/links for tire/wheel setups that are inexpensive that perform okay. ebay/amazon/hobby websites are fine.

Also at the time my buddy ran it, he was using 10% fuel. Is it okay to use my 20% from my 4Tec? TIA!