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Thread: XO-1 questions

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    XO-1 questions

    I am not really sure whether I want the XO-1 or the completely different Slash 4X4, is the XO-1 worth the price? Is it worth it or will it lose control and flip at 70? Give me your personal experiences

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    The slash 4x4 will flip at 70mph before the XO-1 will. I have owned a Slash 4x4 in the past and I own a XO-1 currently and obviously they are two completely different vehicles. I ran my Slash 100x more than I do with my XO-1 now. I have literally run my XO-1 five times since I purchased it 6 months ago. That is just the nature of this beast though. You WILL need a virtually perfect road to run it on, if you can find that road, then you are good! Chances are that road will not be right in front of your house though. The slash you will be able to drive whenever wherever as you most likely realize.

    If you have never seen an RC blaze by you at 100mph, I highly recommend it. It is like nothing you have ever seen before and it will blow your mind. The videos you have probably seen on Youtube DO NOT do this thing justice. It's just one of those things you need to see in person. Install the high speed front splitter and larger pinion gear on the XO-1 and it's just getting started at 70mph though =)
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