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Thread: Racing Jato

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    Racing Jato

    Hi everyone, I am hoping that I could get some help or ideas on this. I would like to start getting into racing locally and move up from there after lots of practice. But what I was curious on is, does anyone know if the Jato has ran in off-road races before or is it primarily for asphalt racing and just straight for speed? Any input would be appreciated.

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    Sadly no one races stadium trucks anymore. The Jato as well as all stadium trucks are designed for both on and off road. How well it does on either mainly depends on tires and shocks and how well you can set it up. I mainly run my Jato on off road tracks and I love it. It takes a very fast car with a good driver to keep up with my Jato. It's a handful to control, but that's the way I like it. Easy bores me.

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    i raced mine back in the day and she was a little ripper on the track! but sadly in my area they also have taken stadium truck class out of race contention,( i guess not popular enough... ). now she just runs off road and bashin' beast but still a head turner. i would assume that some states might have this truck as part of there race line up..... check around ur local track and ask some questions u never know...

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    When I raced my Jato locally, it did fairly well, just have to watch the throttle input into corners unless you want massive under-steer. You would also need a 2nd gear delete kit to make it race legal. Removing the EZ start and using the middle battery helps a lot too with handling.

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