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    Wheels and Tires

    Does anyone have any recommendations for a taller, more crawler type wheel and tire for the Telluride. The angled skid on the rear causes it to hang up when crawling up like a stair, a little more ground clearance and it would work pretty well. Thanks guys!

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    i put a set of proline badlands on mine made a huge difference a little taller than stock and softer.

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    Got a set of Proline Desperado with Masher tire.. it's sweet!

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    You have plenty of options...

    1) You can use a 2.8" wheel and tire like the ones that come on the Stampede 4x4. If you do that, your best choice is probably the Badlands. They are high, but not too wide.

    2) Some wide track 2.2" wheels will fit on the stock caster block with a little modification, namely the RPM Revolver. If you put the camber link in the lower hole, you can Dremel off the top part of the caster block to give you more clearance. This should allow you to use several 2.2" wheels. Once you've got 2.2" wheels, you can use just about any crawling tire out there.

    3) Some multi-piece beadlock rims will allow you to use wheels hubs of varying thickness. Just get a wheel hub wide enough to clear your caster block.

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