My name is Jason, I am working on a custom rc project and had a question about the EVX-2 esc. Sorry to post it here but obviously i was tired of searching for something no one had written about online and i know the revos use tyhe evx-2 brushed esc. I am wanting to operate two titan 18turn 380 motors one on each set of pos/neg terminals on the evx-2. Obviously, this is not the original intentions of the creation of this esc, it is for two 550 motors but it was a choice between crappy $20 16.8 v esc which will fry quick, hpi 14.4 gt speed or the traxxas evx-2. i intended on experimenting with the cheap chinese one but it takes a month and a half to arrive in fl from china sadly i am currently waiting on the cheap one. Is there a suggested turn limit or a fromula i can calculate to arrive at an average turn that would be safe to operate this on. I have a 10th scale digger stock and read that it is 12 t 550 and 15t 540 limits so how could i find out the 380 limit on the evx-2 or the xl-5? i am pretty new to rc so i don't know if it is possibly to run two xl2.5s on one receiver. Any input would be of great assistance.

Thanks, Jason