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    new personal best

    me and my brother picked up a funny car last friday and man this thing is a bear. The car just halls. Our first night we definitely broke in the bodylol. The second time out we still had trouble traction is definitely an issue. the best we got out of it was a 2.62 @ 61 mph but we still couldnt get a consistent leave off of the "trans brake". We took it out today got it to leave consistently but it would only run about 2.75-2.80. Finally we decided to just leave the old fashion way and control the power with our finger, ended up running a best of 2.40 @ 62mph.

    we had changed the pinion to a 19t (all we had) added 3 oz to the front and added full preload to all the shocks. the track is an asphalt parking lot at a baseball stadium measured to 132' and it is prepped about 50% with a soda, syrup , sugar mix. we had vht before but we ran out and its just not in our budget. we will be getting foam tires for it and letting it rip, cant wait!! will post some video later

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    sounds exciting! Bet you guys are having a blast. Let it rip tator chip!!! GOOD LUCK!!

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