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    Charging 8.4v Nimh battery

    Can I charge my 3000 NiMH 7 cell battery over night with a stock Traxxas charger? If I plug it in before I go to bed, and it becomes fully charged before morning, will it over charge before I have a chance to unplug it in the morning? And will it shorten the run time and/or life of the battery? Any info is appreciated!!!!

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    Charging unattended is not recommended.
    Whatever it is I just typed... could be wrong.

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    I've done it before with the Traxxas wall charger and other similar ones which charge at <1C and haven't had any problems. But I keep the batteries in an area where there is nothing flammable. Haven't seen any issues with shortened life, cycle times, or run times. The chargers stop when the battery is fully charged so its not going to overcharge.

    The problem with leaving it unattended is that in the last 2 minutes of charging and for the few minutes after stopping charging, the batteries heat up to 113 to 135 degrees and may vent which is why unattended charging is not recommended.

    You can always put the charger onto a wall plug charger set to turn off at a specific time so the charging is stopped before achieving max voltage which will heat the battery up. The heat is the main problem that will shorten battery life and cycle times.

    Reportedly, one can maximize number of charge cycles for any battery by keeping charge between 40% to 90% of max capacity. Discharging below 40% and charging to 100% may shorten number of recharge cycles.

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