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    REvitalizing NIMH ????

    In the past I have given away a few hump packs because I left them sitting around too long and my discount charger that only went as low as 1 amp charge rate would not recognise them.

    My friends nicer chargers brought them right back to life. And they are still using the hump packs to this day ( years later )

    I now have the traxxas EZ peak plus and i LOVE IT for my traxxas lipos.

    I have been able to "jump start" another 3 NIHM hump packs by using a low NIHM charge setting.

    This charger is pretty fancy, question is.... what setting to use? how many cycles ect to get these packs up and running again?

    I dont have the packs in front of me, but for nice easy math lets say there 1000 mah. There 5 cells at 1.2 volts each. 1 is factory revo, 2 are traxxas aftermarket hump I jammed into Tmaxx's.

    They have been sitting a LONG time, 3 years at least. They have not seen much use and do apear to be usable now..... I just want to do it right....what voltage? amps? cycles of charge and discharge?

    Also now that I have the nice charger, how do you store A NIHM ?? disscharge to what voltage? thanks!!!

    While were at it.... I guess I am going to need to bring my EZ start wand batteries back from the dead as well.

    Everything works.... but the run time is pathetic. It MAY be time for new batteries but now that I havr this fancy charger I want to at least try to restore them to useable.

    I have been out of nitro for a while, but trying to bring a 4tec and a tmaxx back online.
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    Do some research on form charging... I have not read up a whole lot on it as I do not use NiMh anymore, but I am pretty sure that is what you are wanting.
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    I did 3 charge/discharge cycles to my old Slash battery and it fixed it. IMO, I would start with 2 or 3 cycles.
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