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    Red face wow what a wekend

    Well stared the weekend running my emaxx about 15 min i to the run i broke the rear drive shaft. I know i should have stoped there but it raind sat so it was cool watching a brushless e maxx do some mean front wheel burn outs till you guessed it broke the front.
    So i pulled out the bandit ran about 10 min and burned up my last brushed motor.
    Well i went back to the maxx and put on the extra drive shafts i had. Charged up the lipos and hit the road.
    First issue this run blew shock caps off 2 rear shocks the the clicking started. Brought her in only to find out a bearing let go of its balls and ate up the rear ring gear. Wow what a weekend started with two trucks now i have two projects. Now i want to cry

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    Lol that totally sucks dude I know how you feel though, my lipo's blew my Titan motors so I was forced to get the mm2 than that blew both gear boxes, waited over a month to get my hybrid bulks, hope these diffs hold but it's all part of the fun in this hobby
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