I purchased a slash 4x4 roller from jaman on sept 11.

I had several questions about the truck over about a week's time prior to the buy, and he immediately replied every time without fail while I was undecided.

After I paid for the truck he sent me a tracking number. The tracking number has been invalid from day one, and is supposedly through Canada post. He never mentioned he was from out of the states.

I messaged him, and emailed him, about the tracking number and never heard a word.

I opened a PayPal case on 9/23, and the next day he got back to PayPal saying an employee dropped the package off, and he would go see why the tracking number was invalid asap. That is when he informed me it was Canada post.

So I emailed him back thanking him for his reply and saying I would patiently await info on the shipment.

That was on sept 24 and I've heard nothing since, even after sending 2 more emails from two separate accounts in case one was going in his spam folder. I have since escalated my case, and still no response to me or PayPal.