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    Newbie to lipos with a question

    So i as you can tell i have a few vehicles under my belt, put i have never run a lipo battery and i decided the time has come, so im on my way to buy a p4de and i want it in the snow, so it needs to be fast, and i have a rustler that i want to scream lol, so should i run 3s or 2s and what mah rating should i chose? Ththanks as always
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    That depends on what ESC you are running in each...
    If it is the stock 3S I suggest sticking to 2S as a good portion of those than decided to run 3S ended up needing to upgrade the ESC.

    As far as mAh, choose the highest that fits... that you can afford.

    As far as C rating... that is kind of tricky since there is no standard for claiming C rating. Two companies can have the same pack and one will claim a 25C rating and the other 100C. So what this means is choosing the correct company is more important that choosing a battery based on C ratings.
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    Voltage equals speed. 3s 11.1 volts will yield more speed as long as the ESC and motor can handle the voltage.

    IMO 5000 mAh gives the best balance of good run times and recharge times.

    Traxxas stock seem to be 25C so if you stick with Traxxas 2S 7.4v or 3S 11.1v 5000 mAh 25C should be fine. If you go non Traxxas, I'd suggest 40C min to make sure the LiPo is at least equivalent to Traxxas 25C

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