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Thread: LiPo Problem

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    LiPo Problem

    I had a problem with my SMC 65C 2S Lipo. I know that it is not a Traxxas battery but t was in a Traxxas Slash 4x4 with a VXLs.

    I attempted to store it using a Dynamite 4105 and I was given a message, "BATTERY VOLTAGE CELL LOW VOL". I tried my Venom charger and balanced the pack. (One cell was at 2.x volts) After balancing the pack, I put it back in my Dynamite and it is storing as I type.

    Should I be concerned about this pack. It is not puffed and I did stop it at the LVD?

    According to the Dynamite manual, "The voltage of a cell in a Lithium battery pack is too low. Cell may be damaged. Replace battery."

    My problem was the I couldn't initially charge the battery because one cell was at the upper 3 volts and the other was in the upper 2 volts.

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    Sorry this forum is for the support of TRAXXAS Lipos, you need to contact SMC for support of their product. Traxxas does not allow this type of support for other companies products on their forum.
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