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    Unhappy Slow 3908 PLS Help

    Hello all i am running a stock 3908 with 20/68 gearing with . . . 5000 mah 2 s lipos and my top speed is 24.8 Mph using a garmin etrex 10 gps for speed checking , the traxxas site says i should be getting 40 + mph this is way off any help would be greatly appreciated i also have full telemetry setup but cannot figure out the final drive ratio!

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    I assume you are running on a hard surface? Try the optional 62 tooth spur gear....just check the temps to make sure things don't heat up too much.

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    watching temps of course. I run 20/54 all the time.
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    Have you checked to see if the esc is set for 100% forward speed? Also if you have the telemetry and ipod check to see that it isn't set to training mode? Just a thought.

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