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    servo switched to reverse while in second gear

    i have a revo 3.3 i was driving it today i hit second gear the truck was heading towards the wall i pulled back for the brake and the truck didn't stop it kept moving forward it hit the wall i went to go look at it nothing broke but when i turned it on again it was going forward than suddenly it went into reverse it did that 3 times could it be the receiver or the servo the servo is the 2060 mini servo .

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    do you have fresh batteries in the remote?? is tthe battery in the truck charged? if not ill reply when you post again

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    i would think the servo / receiver...

    or yea dead battery somewhere
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    Does this receiver have Optidrive?

    What happened when it jumped into reverse? Were you at or near idle?

    I'd get fresh batts in the receiver, go over every connection and wires for anything fried or crushed.
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