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    BB conversion confusion

    Looking for a little understanding, hopefully some can help myself and others I see posting on here. I often see post that claim to have a 550 big block in their conversion, however when I see the rig n can its a 540, not a 550. Both are big blocks but one is noticably longer than the other. My question is, what are the common castle motors people use, they look like 540s. The velineon is obviously 380. I have a couple(5) Reedy Sonics 540 2pole. I run a Tekin Pro4 540 4pole. And I tried my trinity 550 4pole for a while but that twisted cvds in two. So is it just misunderstanding on others or am I confused, I guess my point is don't claim to have a 550 n show a pic of a 540 4pole. The 550 require really good batteries in parallel and just the right gearing to not strain those poor little merv batteries. Will post a pic of all 4 this afternoon.

    Pics as promised.
    550,4pole, 3750kv
    540 4pole 4000kv
    540 2pole 6780kv
    380 velineon w heat sink
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    Regarding your question:

    The common BB's are indeed 540 sized NEUCastle 1406 with 4600KV or 5700KV.

    Nice pix!

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    i got the 1406 5700kv heres a pic of my merv

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    I can't understand why you'd need any more power than the neu 380

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    I'm thinking of extending my chassis like the thread going on here in the forum, widening it, and running 1/10 buggy tires to create a mid sized revo. Might need a bb to run the added weight!
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