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    Front driveshaft coupling

    I had a quick question that may not be specific to ERBE but to both it and the E-maxx. My buddy just got his brushless e-maxx and snapped the front bulkhead in the first two days. He got some Integy parts for the front skid plate and bulk head. When the front snapped it pulled the front part of the drive shaft away from where it connects to center diff. He had some oil but nothing crazy. As we were putting it back together we were not quite sure if oil needs to go inside the little tube housings even though there does not appear to be any seal holding them together or if it will be ok with just some oil still just around that flex cylinder? also would it be recommended to get some aluminum skid plate parts fairly soon? The e-maxx seems much more susceptible to the screws tearing out of the skid plate on the bottom of the bulkhead so I wasn't quite sure if the same applied to my ERBE?

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    Nope those sliding axles come dry from the factory, oil is not recommended as it makes dirt stick to the axles wearing them faster. I would clean them and just assemble them dry.

    Alu skid plates will probably bend very fast on impact, but they do a good job reinforcing the bulks. I don't know what's recommended on the E-Maxx, but most here run the stock skid plates or T-Bone skid plates on their ERBE.

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