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    Just got my funny car and this thing is a monster it just hauls so fast but is pretty unstable at low speed and when braking it tends to flip alot so does anybody have any things i should do to help with this. Thanks

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    It's partially just the design of the car. You could program the ESC to have less brake power, which may help the car with flipping while breaking. Or, setting the drag brake up a little may help.

    The instability at low speed could be helped by reducing the steering endpoints.

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    Run it at 50/50 switch and see if you still have the same problem.

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    Can you confirm that the ETS-3 has an adjustable brake and Drag Brake settings via castle link?

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    Reducing the steering throw (endpoints) will help calm the car down and make it less "twitchy". I am at 70% for the braking setting and it does not flip after a run as well. Spending time with the settings will greatly increase your cars performance also. Good luck and have fun.

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