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    Question Awesome little QR-1!! blade issues though...

    Has anyone else, while very first learning the controls of this quadcopter, knocked off their rotorblades enough so that they will actually lift off the motor when in flight? I know what is causing this, they are just worn out. while waiting for my new blades, does anyone have suggestions on how to SAFELY, without potentially causing damage, reattach the blades so they will stay secure?

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    Haven't heard of that. Might try just squeezing the blade base down some or some 2 part epoxy (might stick though).

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    I had that happen before the blades became available. I used the tiniest spec of Shoe Goo I could manage on the tip of the motor shaft then pressed the rotor on. I cant stress enough how tiny of amount I used. Too much could cause problems. Now that rotors are available I am kind of hesitant to even suggest the Shoe Goo, I would really just buy some new rotors.
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