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Thread: 12T breakin

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    12T breakin

    What is the best way to break in the 12T to get long life. I know some people do the water break in while others do Hi speed runs with no quick starts on the first pack.

    I called Traxxas and they said the water break in is not recommended.

    I keep killing motors. So I got a new one and want to do it the best way possible to make it last.

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    I just would say go with another motor. Back in the day when i got my first electric, an xl5 rustler, i did all the break in methods all the cleaning and maintenance tips at the time, and a lot of them just die a lot. I ended up going brushless back when a mamba system was over 250 bucks. If it wasn't for the fact that i had enough spare parts to put a low kv brushless in my telluride i was going to order one of these

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    Just a heads up on the ElectriFly S-600 its not plug and play,you must grind a flat spot on the motor shaft, and solder on the capacitors and motor wires from your titan.

    As for water break-in, here is a video.

    Very simple to do
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    Titan motors like a hot break-in. The water method doesn't get them hot enough in my experience. You want to get that motor hot on the first run, but obviously not so hot that you burn up the brushes. You want to be able to hold it for 5 sec before letting go or it's too hot. Run it between 50-75% throttle for 10-15 minutes. Don't speed up and slow down, just drive a steady speed with no braking or reversing.

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    After the break in you'll need to perform regular maintenance on the motor as well. Clean the back of the motor (where the brushes are) with some sort of a mild solvent. Shops usually sell motor cleaner in a spray can. Be careful not to 'blast' the brushes with anything under high pressure, aerosol cleaner or air compressor. After getting all the dirt and grit out of the back of the motor re-lube the bushings with a tiny dot of machine oil and spin the motor by hand a few times to work the oil into the bushings.

    Depending on driving conditions you will want to do this every few to every 10 runs or so. As dirt builds up inside the motor it holds in heat, causes unnecessary wear on the bushes / com and just generally acts like sandpaper on the internal parts.

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