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    busted Motor 3500 , useless support

    here is traxxas reply to me ..

    "" Hello

    If the bearings are worn you need to replace them The rebuild kit for the Velineon 3500 motor is part 3352. It includes the bearings and spacers for the motor. The rotor is part 3353.

    The fastest and usually the least expensive way to order parts is to go through your local hobby shop. You can find your nearest Traxxas dealer at this link!

    If you do not have access to a local hobby shop it may be easier for
    you to order directly from Traxxas at our online store.

    If the motor cannot be rebuilt you can send it in for replacement (remove the pinion gear and any hardware) so long as you are in the US or canada. We request that you send your VXL-3s speed control in for inspection as well in case it was damaged when the motor failed.
    There is no specific warranty that covers motors but we can repair or replace it for a repair charge of $35 for the Velineon 3500 motor and
    $50 for the ESC plus $5 shipping within the US. Shipping to Canada, Alaska, Puerto Rico and Hawaii is $15.00.

    If you have not already registered your vehicle on our web site, please do so at

    Once you have registered respond to this e-mail with the vehicles serial number your name, phone number, address and your Zip code. I will generate an RMA number for you to send it in.

    Here is the service and repair information.. ""

    btw .. this is my 2nd experience with traxxas support the first was right after I spent 700$ on a new Erevo
    and opened the box and first run found tires badly warped due to very lousy glue job. and guess what traxxas support on the phone did nothing .. they just brushed me off !!! and now this

    do they really expect me to spend 35 + 30 shipping back n forth to get the same low quality product that doesn't even come with warranty.

    way to go traxxas

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    this dosent sound like traxxas to me. from my experience and history they eleast done something for the revo tires but the revo could of sat around in the box for god knows long before you got it.....

    and the motor......the bearings(and motor spacers an screws) arnt that exspensive(-$13-) or hard to replace....and a motor is to much to do a hand out......sides bearing are consumables like that is probably why they "brushed you off"

    now if it was a blown servo or a parts miscount then they most likly would of sended you one off.....
    not to be mean in any way and am sorry to hear of your misfortune. but this is how i (and probably they"traxxas")see's it.
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    I've dealt with traxxas support on a few occasions and they bent over backwards to make me happy, even on non-warranty subjects.
    The traxxas warranty is pretty clear at the time of purchase(30 days) and my time in this hobby has proven the charges asks are low compared to others, try making a warranty claim on hobby-wing they just tell you its your fault, even if its in their warranty period.
    Its hard to know the hole story behind your conflict or exactly what it was you thought or think they should do to rectify it.
    As stated above bearings are a simple and normal part of brush-less motor up keep, if this is what failed you.
    Sorry your experience was bad and hope future issues are settled in a more favorable fashion.
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    well for sure that's my last with Traxxas ive been a very happy HPI and Losi customer ... never ran into issues with their support at all ...
    but as for traxxas selling overpriced products with low quality and not even backing it up .. well what can I say !!!

    this thing was running at 2s with very low gearing and baaaaaam it broke .... Cheap Rotor material ... and whats really funny is the replacement rotor is like 45$ plus taxes ... that's alsmost price of castle 1/8 rotor !!!!

    I cant even extract the broken rotor and even if I could , noway im paying 45$+ for that quality

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    How old is your truck?
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    Warranty issues are something we cannot help you with here.
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