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    Engine bearings nitro 3.3

    I have a revo 3.3. And I was having Problems with the engine. It would start fine but then would kink out as soon as I got to 2nd great. After trying like crazy to tune it I gave up and brought it to lhs. They told me that it was the engine bearings. They said the replacement bearings are about $30 but the labor is pretty intense to replace it and it does. to always work so they don't like to change them. Instead they wanted to replace my entire 3.3 with a new one for $200 including new engine mount and spur.

    Does this make sense?

    About 3 gallons have been put through this revo 3.3

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    Bearings could be out. You could buy just a block and bearings from a chop shop on eBay for $20 or so and move the parts from your old to your new--assuming the piston and sleeve are still good.
    Or you could learn how to rebuild your engine including the bearings. With a bare block and bearings, use a socket just small enough to pass through the inside of the rear bearing and push against the front. Then with a hammer or rubber mallet a couple whacks will remove the bearing. Rear will come out after putting it in a 250 oven for around 10 minutes and tapping it on a block of wood to remove the bearing.
    Rebuild instructions are in the Support tab above.
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