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    .15 pro carb tuning

    I have 2 question and sorry if I use not the correct terms.

    1. if I set the carb throttle opening to the 1 to 1.5 mm gap for idle when at full throttle on the remote the throttle will not open fully to the perfect circle. is the throttle arm not on right? the springs on the throttle cable? or what?

    2. the throttle opening is off center, with problem 1 I have to push the throttle arm by hand to get the "perfect circle" but it needs to move towards the center of the truck to see the full circle.

    I worked my way pass all the other problem with the carb after doing a full rebuild of the engine and carb after 5+ years of sitting in a box. the HSN, LSN and low speed mixture all are fine now.


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    Thanks Nitronaught, I had found the Docs you had listed.

    I finally found this doc

    The only doc with the carb assembly parts. I found that the idle-speed screw was not in the slot in the rotary part of the carb.

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