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    stampede 4x4 vxl diff oils

    Hi all, looking for some advice on what diff oil to use in rear diff, just doin some general maintainence and looking to change to oil in rear diff instead of grease, goin to leave front diff with factory recommended wt oil in it, or would it be better to just put fresh grease in rear to keep it totally stock, olny running stock motor with 2s lipo.

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    Welcome to the forum.

    I and many others on this forum run 50k oil in the front diff and 30k in the rear.
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    While you got your diffs aparts to clean and re-oil, I would recommend to get the diff rebuild kit, with the new rubber gasket and seals. Plus it comes with a new diff cup so you dont have to clean old one. Part # 5381. It would suck to put it all back together just to find a leak in the diff after your first run.

    If you plan on going with a bigger motor in future also good idea to use #6882x XO-1 gear set. The I-bar will make it bulletproof.
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    Welcome to the forum and the addiction dude here you will find awesome tips and peopleAnd as dad said 50wt front and 30wt rear........peace
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