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    Nitro rustler 3.3 Gearing

    hey guys i have a nitro 2.5 and want to upgrade it to a 3.3... if i do will i have to redo the gearing? plz hit me back and any extra info would be helpful

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    The stock Rustler gears will work fine. The only difference after the engine swap will be more power, 50% more across the entire power band. If you've been happy with the take off of the 2.5, you can raise the gear ratio a little and get more top end. Or just leave the stock gears and have barely controllable power up to 50.

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    I put 4 inch trenchers on my rustler with a 3.3 and I ended up putting an 18 tooth clutch bell on it. For what I do(oval race track with a few buddies) it works awesome. I can't remember what spur gear I have on it. It's either a 72 or 70 but when I got it all tuned really good it was almost as fast as my friends slash vxl. In dirt anyway.

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