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    Traxxas lipos on EMBE

    Anyone running the Traxxas lipos on their EMBE?

    I was running a pair of SBC 3s and it was crazy fast and torquey.

    I'm thinking of dropping to 2s Traxxas batts for the warranty, but want to hear from
    a few guys running them.


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    I run Traxxas 3s 5000mAh 25C on my ERBE and go gentle on the throttle because it IS crazy fast and fun.

    I run Venom 2s 5000mAh 40c on my ERBE and its much more manageable with less risk of breaking things compared to 3s. I went with Venom because I use the universal plug system so I can use the battery on other RC -- particularly my Aquacraft UL-1 hydroplane and Proboat Shockwave 26.

    If I were just running Traxxas connectors, I'd have gone with the Traxxas 2s 5000mAh 25c batteries because of the warranty and Traxxas backed C rating for their RCs.

    Traxxas batteries are 25C which suggests this is the minimum Traxxas recommends for their equipment. Since I can't necessarily trust other vendors C rating, I go minimum 40C to ensure I'm closer to the minimum Traxxas 25c rating.

    I stick to 5000 mAh so charging rate is the same 5A regardless of manufacturer and this gives me more than adequate run time with pack sizes that will fit all my equipment. Less chance of me making a charging mistake by accidentally using the wrong charge rate for a battery.

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