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    Alternative Tyre for Slayer Pro?

    Hi Guys,

    My tyres are running reasonably low on tread, and I am wondering if anyone has mixed it up and not just simply purchased the traxxas standards? has anyone else bought something different? And how do I go about looking for ones to fit, is there a size or something that I need to fit my hex axle?

    Traxxas Slayer Pro 4x4

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    1/8 buggy tires. You need a 17mm hex - the standard brushed revo hexes work well enough.

    Otherwise badlands are a good all terrain tire as long as you don't spend much time on the street.

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    Can't beat the price of supra sales 1/8 buggy tires on ebay. 15.99 plus 9.00 shipping for all four I like the bog blocks kinda like badlands. They seem to hold up pretty good for the price you could get 3 or 4 sets for what badlands go for.


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    I have some proline slingshots for the sand and the proline trencher X
    For everything else on some regular black and chrome traxxas rims for fairly cheap

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