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Thread: castle 3800

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    castle 3800

    What are everyone's opinion about putting a castle 3800 with sv2 in, does it sound like it would work for mild trail usage? This is my first four wheel drive, am used to a rustler, thanks for all input.

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    I would go Mamba Max pro on the Telluride. You would be running hot on the castle 3800 sv2

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    You shouldnt have any problems running the Sv2 on 2s all day long. If you run 3s then i'd totally suggest the MMP or the new Sv3. I think some of the Sv2's had fans on the ESCs if you have one of those you would be ok running 3s then. Since you plan on running it as a trail truck there is no need for a 3s then, so then you will be ok. Whatever you do keep an eye on Motor & ESC temps for the first couple of runs until you feel comfortable with the setup.

    The 3800kv is a good little motor and works realy nice in a 4wd with smaller tires like that.
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