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    keep burning up servo!

    ive got a revo 3.3. the problem im having is I keep burning up my throttle/brake servos. ive replaced it 3 times now and just lost another one yesterday. it just seems to loose all electrical control. I tested the radio by installing other servos and they work fine. ive lost a traxxas servo, a couple lhs servos and the latest was a savox servo. they work fine for a while but then just instantly stop working. I was just wondering if anyone else has had or is having this problem? and any suggestions for resolving the problem would be greatly appreciated. thank you in advance.

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    There may be binding some place. Some people have reported their throttle return spring is too tight and go with one that does not apply as much force. The throttle arm works better with bearings in it and with a properly adjusted hold-down screw.
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    I have had luck with (and we sometimes recommend) Stretching the throttle return spring slightly to elleviate some of the initial tension on the linkage. take the spring off and measure its length with a mm ruler or caliper. Then pull on the spring slightly with two pliers. may take several tries, but if you stretch the length of the spring 3-5mm, then you should notice less stress on the servo.
    This is to be done before the previously mentioned test of the resistance in the linkage. One common culprit is the position of the carburetor (the angle). if you ever did a rebuild, or replaced the motor, or fooled with the angle of the carburetor in any way, then it may be that the carb is binding up. If it is, you can contact traxxas and we can describe to you how to adjust the angle of the carb.

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    I removed the return spring and used the linkage from a t-maxx but only do this if you have a fail safe.

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    you can so that trick above, please please remove the power switch. a fail safe will do nothing for you if rx battery power is lost. the return spring is the only sure way to keep control of the throttle.

    i use a futaba brushless servo to operate the throttle and it has a return spring. if i lose power, the spring will pull the throttle closed and will actually pull the servo far enough to apply the brakes. this is an absolute fail safe.
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