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    Long term LiPo in storage mode

    Hey folks,

    I have a quick question. I bought a Stampede 4x4 early this year and I have two LiPo's that go with it. They are both Traxxas brand. Then I unexpectedly moved out of the country but I could not take my Stamp with me. I put the LiPo's in storage mode before I left, and now I plan on picking up the Stamp at Christmas and bringing it back with me. So at that point my LiPo's will have been in storage mode and unused for six months. Should I expect a problem? Is this dangerous? Any advice?

    TL : DR; My two LiPo's have been in storage mode unused for six months. Will I have a problem?
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    They should be fine... what temps are they being stored at?

    I have had LiPo's at storage voltage in my fridge for about a year before. I pulled them out, let them warm up to ambient temps, charged and ran them without any issues what so ever.
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    The above link may be helpful. General rules to maximize battery life and cycles

    1. Avoid heat as this shortens battery life considerably

    A. Store between 40F and 80F

    B. Safe operating temp between 70F and 120F, though a rule of ambient + 10F is probably better.

    C. Never allow charging temp to exceed 110F (fire hazard)

    D. Never allow operating temp to exceed 143F (fire hazard)

    2. Keep battery charges between 40-90% of max capacity

    A. Basically stop charge at 4.1v/cell -- 90% of capacity
    B. Don't discharge below 3.7v/cell (storage charge) -- 40% of capacity

    The process of charging to max capacity 4.2v/cell and near complete discharge gets one about 300 cycles on battery. The aforementioned strategy gets up to 1000 cycles/battery but may not be as much fun as full charge and deep discharge which most people do.

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