I recently picked up a nitro sport and I've put about 8 tanks through it including break in and I love it. This is my first nitro ride and I was wondering if you guys could help me out.

1: I really want to change the body to something more like a truck and I was wondering if there was anything out there that was a direct fit. I looked at some of the rustler stuff and didn't really see anything I liked, but some of the slash bodies fit my style. Would they work?

2: in the near future I would like a power upgrade. I did some searching and it seems as if os engines make good power and are easy to tune, but are there any that would drop right in and retain the ez start? If there aren't any direct fit upgrades besides traxxas stuff I'll probably end up going with the 2.5r.

I appreciate any help you can give me. I did some searching and most of the info I found was at least 3 years old, there has to be some new stuff out there.