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    Hey guys, i got a nitro slash about a month ago, i have about 2 gallons threw it right now and i love it. I've owned a couple of tmaxx's, and some other cars, but this one is awesome. So much power, and a ton fun on and off road. Not going to do to much upgrading, maybe a different body (have the RG body now) and aluminum parts as they break, but other than that it is perfect the way it is.

    The only problem i have had is the left rear am keeps breaking. I noticed the screw backs out on the mount every other tank or so, i just keep pulling the back end off and re tightening, but the plastic gets weak and breaks. Anyone else have this problem

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    The factory arms don't usually last to long. Try RPM arms, there about the toughest out there.

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    Had the same problem with mine as far as the left rear inside suspension pin backing out. Remove the arm with the arm mount and screw the pin in from the other side. This will keep it from backing out and actually tighten it instead of loosening it.
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