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    Bigger batteries

    Has anyone figured out if there are any bigger batteries for the Alias?

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    haven't seen any batteries that offers more mAH yet. Your best bet is to buy more of the stock battery

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    Source ( Mark Twain Hobby ) is out of stock on these, until Wednesday. Any other vendors you guys would recommend for batteries?

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    You could always run two batteries in parallel. You would need to strap the two batteries together. It would be relatively easy to make a parallel connector using tiny molex plugs. I don't know how well the motors would like running 20-25 minutes straight without a break though. You are also adding weight that you then need more lift to carry so it's a tradeoff.
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    There is a diminishing return here. The more weight (mAH) you add the more power it takes to fly, thus reducing flight time. The batteries are inexpensive enough and so easy to change I would just fly the stock pack and have a couple on hand to swap out.

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