Just bought an E-Maxx brushless and hooked it up to my ipod touch (5th gen). It attempted to update the firmware in the transmitter and receiver. Transmitter updated first, and shut off at end, which generated an error. I turned the transmitter off and on, and that worked and the firmware had actually updated properly.

The app then went to update the receiver and after three or four attempts, it still wouldn't successfully update the firmware. Was cruising around on the internet, and at this forum, looking for ideas on a fix. Nothing helped.

Was going to call tech support 800 number when I thought "Wait a sec, the WiFi in the garage operates on 2.4Ghz. I wonder if that is interfering with the signal?"

I shut off the WiFi access point that was about 10 ft away and the radios in my laptop (5 ft. away) and the firmware updated in the receiver on the first attempt. It appears the frequencies were close enough to interfere with the update.