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    Question about this sign

    I have a sign that I want to put in the back window of my car for fun. It fell off a truck and someone picked it up. I saw it at their moving sale and got it for 50 cents. Would putting in my car window be legal? My mom thinks I would get in trouble since it is a federal sign.

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    According to the US DOT it should not be displayed unless the contents are being transported. As a responder when I see that displayed on a vehicle I have to assume the contents are aboard as I size-up of the scene which determines my course of action. That placard should be accompanied by another placard which provides the 4-digit UN number referencing what material is on the vehicle. Granted if it was on a passenger vehicle I would take that into consideration as the vehicle is not designed to handle the quantity of contents where a placard is displayed.
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    best I can come up with after reading all the legal jibberish is that you need a permit or license to diplay the Hazmat signs. That is assuming you are transporting hazardous materials. I can't seem to find out the legal ramifications of displaying the hazmats signs just for the heck of it. Personally, I wouldn't do it. All you need to do is get pulled over and find out that the fines can be very steep or worse.. Not worth the risk. Double G has a great point. What if you get into an accident and the first responders see the Hazmat sign.. What if it delays a rescue of you, loved ones or someone else because they weren't sure that the flammable sign or the radioactive sign was real or fake.. Not worth it.
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    Question about this sign

    That would be just like putting red and blue lights on the front or top of your car facing forward, very illegal and you will get ticketed if not arrested. A friend's son got a $450 ticket for buying blue LED lights at Walmart and putting them in the grill of his car. The original ticket was $900 before going to court. He thought it was ok because he bought the lights in the automotive section.

    Displaying those signs means two things:
    1- You are carrying those materials
    2- You are licensed to carry what is displayed.

    Plus, if you get in an accident, EMS will not render aid until they have the proper containment and protections in place to not endanger themselves or spread contamination.
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