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Thread: Lipo ???

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    Lipo ???

    Can a stock blast use lipo's? does the esc have low voltage protection?

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    Some XL5 esc hv lvd on them , but most of the don't , if you use lipo , I would use a lvd with buzzer an set to go off at 3.5v. jmo
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    The stock Nautica ESC doesn't have LVC.

    I put an XL5 with LVC along with a Titan 12t motor and a Traxxas 2s 5800mAh Lipo in mine. I had to mod the battery tray to get the Lipo to fit with that motor though.
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    I also put a XL5 with LVD and the titan 12T. On 2s the boat really scoots along. Way improved over the Nautica system.
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