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    Lets talk about electric fences...

    I closed on my house and got my keys on Friday. It has a two-car garage with an attached 3rd car garage, which, of course, will become my RC labratory (insert maniacal laugh here).

    Other than building workbenches, the only thing I really need to alter with the place are its fences in the back yard. It has 600 feet of nice chainlink fence in back yard, but the fence is only 4', and I have this guy, who's nose can touch the top of the fence:

    So, I am installing electric fence. Here is the yard:

    The red is the eniter back yard, but we are limiting him to the blue line. I have ran the hot wire, one strand on the 70' sides, and on the fence by the house. The blue line has three strands of hot wire (will be replaced later with 6' panel fencing).

    What is confusing me is the ground and how to install it, I am not sure what I really need. I have an 8' grounding pole that I still need to drive into the ground, but I don't know where I need it, or how many I need. I have seen a couple of dog-specific kits (hot-wire, not invisible fence) that just have a 10" spike.

    So, given the area I have, where, how many, and what type of grounds should I install?

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    One Copper plated steel grounding spike should be all you need for a small area like that.

    The ground relies on moisture in the ground to work, being where your at it looks like you get plenty of rain.

    With frequency that fence charger's run at you want to have a relativity short run from the charger box to the fence so you don't loose to much of the charge.

    Here is the ground rod I'm using now.

    Here is a pic of some 2" wide Stainless electric fence tape, the dogs have a large respect for it.

    Or you can use bare aluminum wire(comes in 1/8-1/4 mile rolls) to run around the top of the fence, even the 1400lb horses won't get within a foot of the bare wire.
    I can say for certain it zaps well, about once every other month I get reminded of how well it works when I have a brain fart brush up against or grab the wire thinking it's turned off!
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