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    One of those days...

    I think we've all had those days where we go out and show off our RC to someone and just don't care what happens to it.

    Yesterday I was showing a friend my Slash 4x4 and he was loving it. I doing some speed runs up and down the street and he was just amazed. I got a little over confident and took a corner too fast and rolled the thing a couple times. Not too bad but lots two body mounts and scratched it up real good. Nothing horrible. Then I though I would start jumping it. There's this curb like thing that leads down to a low property and is perfect for getting some air. First couple of little jumps I got some decent air. Then one of them I crashed and cracked the body and lost the rest of the body mounts. Took the body off and said whatever. Kept jumping higher and higher. Almost ten feet in the air. Landed wrong and it broken the body posts. Just said whatever and kept going. Crashed again and ripped off the RPM lights. Broke a bumper and bearing. Still had lots of fun but now got lots to fix.

    Anyone else do something like this? Any crazy crashes? Broken lots of parts?
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    i once raced a car with my merv but i didnt crash it
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    I just got a stampede 4x4 in a trade, ran it (had a non-traxxas BL esc) and fried it ... this was in the snow lol. :P

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