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    Getting off the ground/floor

    The subject is a double entendré, yet both apply. The primary application is that practice makes perfect.

    I've found that you need to be fairly aggressive when taking off. Get that chopper up two to three feet as fast as comfort allows to avoid ground effects. Once safely airborne, you can adjust trim and the like to hover and maneuver the chopper to your heart's content.

    This applies to both the DR-1 and QR-1.

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    This is a good tip, should probably be in the manual, when I first tried to hover (QR-1) I would lift off so tentatively and would hit the trims right away as soon as it veered one way or another which would screw things up because it was just getting ground effects being so low.

    It is much better to lift up aggressively and let it right itself before adjusting any necessary trims

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