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    Brushless motors

    I'm wanting to upgrade to brushless. What's the best bang for your buck? I have a 2wd pede, all basic/stock parts in the truck.

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    Hard to beat the Traxxas Velineon 3500 with VXL-3s ESC. Up to 3s batteries and you have a waterproof system if that is important to you.
    Castle Creations of course offers great ESC and motor combos

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    Accepting requests for bashing at GREENWOOD BASHPLEX in Pittsburgh PA!! Check the thread in the track buddy forum and reply there or pm
    +1. I would also like to add that the vxl system on 2s is a perfect match for a stampede. Traxxas utterly nailed it with the vxl pede 8)

    A castle 4600/sidewinder system is a bump up in power, cheaper, very good warranty, but the vxl is the way to go for "set it and forget it" ease... The castle needs a traxxas connector soldered on. It is also much more adjustable. If you dont mind tinkering with settings and a little more involvement in the electrical side of the truck, it is a very good choice also. If you just want to drop the combo in, and drive, the vxl is hard to beat.
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