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    T12 Brushed Motor Maintance, Clean & Lubricate

    Two newbie questions about motor maintenance.

    (A) Internet suggestions include submerging the T12 motor in water and running it slowly to clean it 1) before the initial run and 2) periodically after runs. Submerging an electric anything, particularly a brushed motor in water does not seem like a good practice to me. What does your experience suggest?

    (B) Are the brushes (and springs) parts readily available for replacement?

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    I broke in my T12 the same way and had no problems. Remember the newer Pede's are designed to go through puddles etc... and so it's used to a little water. Just do it in a large enough container as it will "kick" out some water... something larger than a cup is needed... There are several youtube videos showing how this is done.

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    Here is a great thread that you may look at;
    I use the water break in method and was very satisfied, unfortunately I do not use the Titan any more evr since going brushless even though it has more then a 100 run;
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    The water is totally fine for the motor. I wouldn't submerge the esc and receiver but its totally fine to submerge the motors in water. Water can't do any damage to the motor because there is nothing to damage. If the water is muddy then the mud and dirt can get in it making damage.

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    ianonek. welcome to the forum.
    I broke my first tiian by running a full pack in a parking lot. It lasted for almost two months.Gear at 16p and 90s.
    I cleaned it every 4 or 5 packs. lube the bushings at each end,
    B You can get a new titian on e bay cheap enough vs a rebuild. my two cents worth

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