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    Lipo chargers.....

    So i just bought a mini erevo and it comes with 2, 3s lipos so i need a charger for them, im also looking into getting lipos for my erevo soon, never owned lipos, or a charger, what is the best charger/balancer to order i need something that plugs into the wall and balances the lipos, i know i need a lipo safe bag, but gimme some tips on the charger, cant spend more than 75$
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    The perfect charger in you case would be the Hitec x1 charger. It's ALMOST the same as the Traxxas EZ Peak 6 amp, but it's not quite as powerful. 2 of my friends have them and there're great! It's only about $65.

    Here's a great write from another thread....

    I went out and bought a new charger about a month or so after i got into RC's. I wish i had done it sooner.

    A decent charger is essential equipment in this hobby. My charger even saved me once when i left my interior lights on in my car and killed the battery. It has the old pb (lead acid) setting so it allowed me to charge it up and saved the day! LOL

    I went with a Hitec X1 Its essentially a dialed down and cheaper alternative to the

    Prices have come down since i bought mine, and in hindsight i wish i had went with the Traxxas one.

    My charger allows me to charge up my 5600mAh 2S 50C Lipo's in about 45-60 mins @ 6amps. I also have the Traxxas dual charging board for 2S batteries so i can connect them in parallel and charge them simultaneously. This is where the Traxxas charger would have served me better.

    Even tho they are both listed at 6amps. When dual charging batteries the Traxxas charger will accomplish it faster. Its listed as 80W; where the Hitec X1 is listed at 50W. Also the Traxxas charger will can discharge, or storage batteries faster @ 10w (2.0amps) compared to the Hitec x1 5W (1.0amp)

    I would most definitely pick up a decent charger. You WILL NOT regret it. My only regret was not buying one sooner. Just make sure to go with a quality brand, and not some cheapo.

    Batteries these days are becoming cheaper and cheaper. SPC offers some very affordable solutions, as well as many other retailers around.
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