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    what would be the best brushlkess setup

    im looking at the castle sct waterproof with 3800kv motor do you guys think this will b ok

    i called castle and asked about the sidewinder 3 with 4600kv they told me it would get to hot with a 4x4 truck

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    I think that everyone worries too much about a little heat. I have a 4000 kv motor barely gets warm, but when i was in africa i had a rusty with a 6900 i beat on every day it was nuts fast and nuclear hot. i think that 4600 would be perfect. I had that motor for five years before letting a noob crashed it an bent the shaft. castle told me the motor would last only a few runs. I do however think that the castle motor may have too much power for what this truck is intended for (that and all my castle motors are a little non-linear in their power delivery.

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